How To Prevent Helmet Hair

I’ll have to confess that I’m a bit of a girly girl and am always on the lookout for ways to prevent helmet hair. When I’m riding, however, I don’t typically pay too much attention to my hair. Helmets are a necessary evil to keep our sexy brains in the place they belong. Unfortunately they’re not hair friendly at all. Sometimes, however, I prefer not having my hair plastered to my scalp or resembling a rat’s nest once the helmet comes off.

The quickest way to prevent helmet hair is to chop off your hair. A cute pixie cut or short-cropped hairstyle works beautifully under helmets. But if you aren’t willing to pull out the scissors yet, continue reading and we’ll figure out this “helmet hair” situation.

The First Step To Prevent Helmet Hair Is To Prep Your Hair

The best for preventing helmet hair is to go on the offensive. I love feeling my hair in the wind. Unfortunately, it also wreaks havoc on it. Wind whipping your hair around can inflict serious damage, making it prone to split ends, breakage, and dryness.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to AVOID shampooing your hair. Wait, huh? That’s right, avoid washing it prior to taking any long rides. This will hold in the natural oils in your hair and help prevent the destruction the wind can cause. Just wait to wash it until after your ride or when you get to your destination. Ultimately, you’re going to anyway because of the sweat, road grime, and other particles that accumulate in your hair when you’re out riding all day.

Image of someone shampooing their hair for prevent helmet hair post

The Best Defense For Helmet Hair is a Good Offense

You will also want to thoroughly brush your hair, distributing the natural oils that provide a barrier to protect your locks.  
After your hair is free of tangles, you should treat your hair with a small amount of a good leave in conditioner and some texturizing spray. This helps to keep your hair strong, shiny,and manageable.

Take Advantage Of Hairstyles

My hair is a bit past my shoulders and I have bangs. For people like me with medium to long hair, a bandana or a hair wrap is a must. These keep your hair in place and prevent flyaways. It should be thin enough to fit under your helmet. The wraps keep your hair back away from your face and they look cute too. I have about a ten of them, some blingy, some not, and my favorite ones are my Harley Davidson ones, of course.

Together with a cute hair wrap, if your hair is long enough you might want to braid it. Try out different styles of braids such as French braids, Dutch braids, and fishtails are fun ways to try different hair styles.

image of woman with fishtail braid hairstyles

Fishtail Braids are a cute way to prevent helmet hair.

Putting your hair in braids helps to prevent helmet hair and will even look good after your ride.

Another option is to pull your hair into a low ponytail or pigtails and add a hair tie every half-inch or so down the length. This is also really cute. A hair glove is another great option to try. They’re available in different lengths and will keep your hair in place and protected.

You don’t need to be a victim of helmet hair, and it certainly shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a long, pleasant ride. Sometimes just fixing your hair when you get there is a good way to go as well. Regardless of your hair, always remember you’re badass and beautiful.

What steps do you take to prevent helmet hair? Let us know in the comments below or contact us. Keep your knees in the breeze!

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