Group Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

For female motorcycle riders, there’s nothing better than hitting the open road with a group of your friends. However group trips can be a little crazy, so maintaining some rules of the road to follow is critical. That’s why we’re posting this list of group motorcycle riding safety tips for you.

group motorcycle ride going around curve

Moving into a single file line while going around curves or in poor visibility is a standard practice for safe group riding.

Riding in a group is fun, but you will want to observe a couple general rules to make sure that all riders are safe and stay within the group.

10 Group Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Keeping that in mind, below you will find 10 top tips from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the American Motorcyclists Association that will help ensure a group ride is a safe one.

  1. Prior to hitting the road, riders should have a meeting to clarify the route and where you’re going to be stopping to get fuel and where you will be getting something to eat.
  2. Discuss the basic hand signals that will be used. There’s not much worse than trying to scream, “I’m on fumes. Let’s stop to get some gas!” at 65 MPH and through a helmet.
  3. Ensure your bike is in great shape and the gas tank is full. You don’t want to be the woman that derails a long trip before you even get 3 miles down the road.
  4. Elect someone to be a lead rider. She should have a lot of experience, be good with directions and be aware of the skill level of each rider in the group.
  5. Pick someone to be a chase rider to bring up the rear and make sure people aren’t falling too far behind.
  6. Avoid riding side by side. Instead, stagger yourselves within a lane. That provides you with enough room to swerve around and avoid any hazards or obstacles.
  7. Whenever approaching sharp turns or during poor visibility, switch to single file.
  8. Remain a minimum of two seconds behind the rider in front of you. If the event of bad weather or rough road, increase the distance even more.
  9. While riding, don’t become locked in on the bike in front of you. (That’s particularly easy to do on longer trips.) Instead, keep your eyes on the road and remember your training.
  10. When the time comes to park, attempt to get all riders off the road as fast and safely as possible. And wherever you stop, ensure there’s enough room for the whole group. It’s a pain to attempt cramming 50 bikes into the parking lot of a tiny diner.
Group motorcycle ride safety meeting

Discussing hand signals and the route is a key to a safe and successful motorcycle group ride.

Riding in a group is about communication and teamwork, so pay attention to the rules and everyone will be able to safely enjoy the ride.

Got any group motorcycle riding tips that you would like to share? Please leave them in the comments below.

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