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Ladies who ride motorcycles and the culture that surrounds it, with nonsense like “bitch seats” and women being recognized as “property”, have become out-dated and sexist.

woman on back of motorcycle

More and more women are moving from the back seat to the front.

Through social media, both spontaneously and organically, a new generation of female motorcycle riders and enthusiasts are finding and inspiring one another with shared ideals: freedom or the road, companionship, and adventure.

The Goal For Female Motorcycle Enthusiasts

For us, it’s about being on the front of the bike instead of the back, establishing ourselves as strong women as opposed to being background scenery.

Women have been most widely associated with motorcycles as just the companions of outlaw biker men. Typically identified only by “property of” patches we wore on our leather jackets.

These days you may see a dozen or so girls cruising down the street together. That’s becoming the norm and is no longer a big deal.

Recently, sharing has brought female motorcyclists across the country together and into loosely bound groups.

Ladies of Harley

Here at Throttle Ladies, we want to work with all women who love to ride or just share our love for motorcycles. We want to be proactive in creating female-only rides and events.

There’s just something awesome about straddling a 1,200 cc engine. Having it pull you in and out of traffic and up canyons is exhilirating.  It can get  a little scary but there’s an element of excitement to it too. Not to mention the wind therapy and time spent outdoors makes it an incredible experience.